Agroecological functioning and Performances of horticultural systems (UPR HortSys)

Horticulture is now seen as a prime component in global food security and the global food balance. 
 The global challenge is to ensure sufficient horticultural production while preserving the environment and limiting the risks for human health and ecosystems.

The HortSys research unit proposes novel horticultural systems based on agroecological functioning.

Our operations are conducted on platforms in Montpellier, the French overseas regions (Martinique and Reunion) and various countries in Africa (Benin, Kenya, Madagascar, Senegal).  


Litchis Madagascar © Cirad, E. Malézieux
Culture du chou Sénégal © Cirad, D. Bordat
© Cirad, M. Jannoyer.
Paysannes africaines Bénin © Cirad, E.Malézieux
Mangues La Réunion © Cirad, T. Michels

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